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Have you ever seen an outfit you love and instantly thought – “I wish they made that in my size!”? To be honest that’s how I’ve felt most of my life. I spent years ashamed of my curves and hid my body under oversized sweatpants, hoodies and t-shirts.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided enough was enough! I wanted to feel cute and stylish and wear all those amazing outfits I saw on social media and in magazines. I set out to find all the best plus size clothes I could and share them online.

Through my journey I have discovered so many amazing pieces, but found that when it came to more unique styles, there was still a major lack of selection in plus sizes – especially when it came to boutiques.

How do we fix that? Well that’s exactly how Shop Curves To Contour came to be! If you discovered my boutique from my personal page, you know I love fashion and styling. To me, the fit of a garment is just as important as the look. I’ve made it my mission to not only curate the pieces in my boutique, but to test each one for the perfect fit.

To say I am glad you’re here would be an understatement. Ecstatic is more like it! Why?! Because, chances are if you are curvy like me, you know the struggle of finding cute clothes that make you feel confident. That’s exactly WHY I decided to start this boutique. To help YOU find confidence in your curves and rock what you’ve got!

Nicole Weisman 



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